By Dr. Judy Kleman
March 12, 2013
Category: Fractures
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Many of you may know of Brian Cashman, New York Yankee’s general manager.  During his time with the team, the Yankees have won six American League pennants and four World Series championships.  However, spending time managing a sports team does not provide much preparation or training for skydiving.  Mr. Cashman recently jumped (twice!) from an airplane with the aim to increase exposure for the Wounded Warrior’s Project, an organization that aims to provide awareness and aid for wounded servicemen.  The Wounded Warrior’s Project also provides programs and services to help meet needs of wounded servicemen.  While this is not Cashman’s first experience with adventurous endeavors, this is the first time he has injured himself.  Upon landing from the second jump, Mr. Cashman heard a pop sustained an open ankle fracture.

Ankle fractures are typically treated by surgical correction.  Open fractures are particularly dangerous, as they can lead to infection of the soft tissue or bone.  The healing time typically ranges from four to six weeks, depending upon the type of correction the surgeon utilizes.  Ankle fractures almost always lead to a traumatic arthritis of the joint.  While it can be difficult to treat arthritis, the pain can be minimized with the use of an ankle foot orthosis, or AFO. 

It is important to be evaluated by a doctor after any traumatic injury to determine an appropriate treatment.  Pain and discomfort can be minimized with use of appropriate shoegear, physical therapy, injections, taping, orthoses, or bracing.  A doctor can help determine what will work best for each scenario.  Early treatment can help allow for better quality of life and increased functionality of the joint.