Foot Notes-Tips and Advice from Cumberland Foot & Ankle Centers

Think of the things you do every day.  You brush your teeth.  You have a meal or three.  You make your bed.  You drive your car, you go to work.

Now let's go more basic.  Every day, you stand up.  You put on shoes.  You walk.  

You probably don't give too much thought to the things on the first list, but you think about them some.  You shop for toothpaste, decide where to go for lunch, buy Egyptian cotton sheets and haggle at least once or twice with a salesperson.  But you don't think about the second list at all.  Your feet, they're just there - ready to take you wherever you need to go, right to the very last step.

But your feet want some attention.  In fact, they are probably screaming out for some TLC right now.

April 1st marks the start of National Foot Health Awareness month, and this is a perfect time to renew your focus on your feet - even if you don't have a foot fetish.  To get on that path though, you need to start paying attention to your feet...every day. 

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At Cumberland Foot & Ankle Centers, we offer the newest in innovated care for every disorder that affects the feet and ankles. Our providers- Jonathan Moore, DPM, Pamela Jensen-Stanley, DPM, Christopher Miller, DPM and Denita McDonald, ARNP - are experienced, highly trained and well-known in the medical community for providing conservative but effective solutions and excellent outcomes. Once we’ve exhausted all options for treating your problem “biomechanically,” we provide the same level of capability and experience with surgical solutions.  

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